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Panama is a well known banking center. With the best economic growth in Latin America, jointly to the dollar as its legal currency and a 100% capitalist and democratic government, had become Panama inone of the most solid and reliable banking systems in the world.

Our Banking Lobbies

The Panamanian banking system is a very formal  environment and of a high level of regulations. Therefore obtaining a banking service in Panama is not smooth as similar banking centers in the world . Our firm can guide you with the documents, requirements and correct steps to achieve your banking needs in good standing and according to law, with loobies in banks related to your financial needs. Here some of our lobbies..

Bank Accounts

We will assist you in the opening of corporate, personal and fix bank accounts in Panama.

Credit cards

We can also assist you in obtaining pledged credit cards as well as debit cards with local banks.

Private Banking

Loobies for fiduciary services, investment advice and assets allocation in Panama or abroad.


We can also guide you in the requirements and steps to obtain a mortgage loan in Panama.

Panama Currency


Banking Regulations & Due Diligence


The Panama Banking Center

More than 70 entities are active within the Panama Banking center. Currently, the banking industry give work to approximately 20,000 business and financial related employees, between nationals and foreigners. The International Banking Center created since 1970, contributes with 7.5% of Panama's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which makes financial intermediation the sixth activity in the local GDP.

Additional Lobbies

We understand that your banking and financial needs you may require. We offer colateral services related to banking sector in Panama such as the following  loobies:

Legal Services

Our firm offer legal services related to all thelocal Banking System, Real Estate and Commercial law

Asset Protection

We can provide you loobies in the formation of fiduciary structures and asset management services.

insurance & accounting

Additionally we have access to local insurances companies and reliable authorized accountants 

Escrow Services

If you are planning to invest in real estate in Panama, we link you with reliable escrow services 

Minimal Accounts Requirements

Personal Bank Accounts
  • Personal interview with the Bank Officer
  • Complete the Bank`s form and Due Diligence forms 
  • A personal bank references (any bank worldwide)
  • Attorney`s reference letter  
  • Copy of your last Utility Bill (from your last Country of residency)
  • Copy of passport and second ID (ex. License, Social Security)
  • Copy of Personal Tax Return / Work Letter / or Financial Statements (signed by “local” accountant)    
  • Initial deposit (will depend on the bank, approx. 300$ to 500 $)
Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Legal Representative interview with the Bank Officer
  • Complete the Bank`s form and Due Diligence  
  • Commercial References letter of directors and shareholder  
  • Bank references of directors and shareholder 
  • Attorney`s reference letter
  • Copy of passport and second ID (ex. License, Social Security)
  • Copy of Company Tax Return or Financial Statements     
  • Copy of the Articles of Incorporation
  • Letter explaining the business  
  • Initial deposit(will depend on the bank, approx. 500$ to 1,000 $)
  • Notice:  Because of each bank policy, the documents and requirements after-mentioned can vary depending on each financial institution.

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