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Two circumstances are of the utmost importance to consider the opening of a bank account in Panama: 1) If you are a new user of the Panamanian banking system, the opening of personal bank accounts are more accessible than corporate accounts, and 2) Even when there are standard regulations established by the authorities, each bank and even each branch has its own policitcas in regard to the opening of bank accounts.  For these reasons it is advisable that before approaching a financial or banking institution, you must be 100% sure of the documentation you need to complete for it. This is where we can assist you.

Savings Accounts and Personal Checking Accounts

We can assist and guide you in opening savings accounts and personal checking accounts with local banks, where you can manage your funds with the debit card. Your interest will be credited each month to your account. Depending on the bank, the initial deposit can range from $ 100 to $ 300. You can also request online banking to manage your operations.

Corporative accounts

Likewise, we can guide you in the proper way to open corporate accounts with local banks, considering that the process of opening commercial accounts needs a more detailed preparation in terms of the directors and shareholders of your company, in addition to a clear Explanation of the nature of your business to the bank.

Fixed Term Accounts

We can introduce you to local banks to receive interest on your investment on a recurring basis in the short, medium or long term, where you will decide with the corresponding official to capitalize interest periodically or at the expiration of the fixed term.

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