Credit Cards


Credit Cards

Most local banks will initially grant you a credit card with a collateral pledged, so you must initially deposit some money to obtain credit card. with Panamanian local banks, issued with the main credit card companies: MASTER, VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS.  By becoming a person with "credit activity" within the local baking system, then you can receive credit cards, without pledged amounts.

According to a report from the Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority in Panama, there is a wide variety of credit card products, with different characteristics, to meet the requirements of the profile of each cardholder.

Five banks with a general license control about 80% of the credit card market in Panama, reveals a recent report by the Superintendency of Banks, where the lowest interest rates in the credit card market are offered by public financial entities. of the state.  Among the benefits offered when acquiring credit cards in Panama are: the accumulation of miles to travel, points programs, cash back, annuity exemptions, insurance, among others.

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